Her predilection for the performing arts lead her to give up her ‘wings’ and stick to the ground, evidently Sabahat decided to devout her talents to the showbiz entirely. While she was hosting a program Sur Sawera from PTV Karachi Sabahat was offered a role by another ‘megas’ of the industry Mr. Haider Imam Rizvi in one of his sitcoms, Sabahat was delighted to be paired with one of the legendary actors of all time Tallat Iqbal right in the beginning of her career, for any new entrant it was like a dream come true. Sabahat availed the opportunity and has matured to be a seasoned artist herself.

Sabahat made her debut as an actress in the year 1995, almost two decades of conviction to performing arts have carved out a super actress of her, she truly is an icon for the women of Pakistan, who chose against all odds to follow their convictions and talents in life. Sabahat is among the very few women in Pakistan who took up acting as a career, especially at a point in time when acting was not acknowledged an appropriate profession for girls.

   Sabahat has a blessed personal life; she is a loving mother of one boy and a dutiful wife. She is married to an economist and a liberal feudal of Sindh. Sabahat’s better half belongs to an exceptionally well educated family of Karachi. She announces with an envious pride and a charming smile

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