Sabahat Bukhari is an eminent Pakistani drama actress, an anchor person and a television host. She was born in Lahore on October the 25th. Sabahat got her bachelor’s degree from Government Girls College Lahore and after completion of her education she eagerly joined a private school in Lahore as a full time teacher. After imparting education for almost a year Sabahat took up a challenging position at Dada Bhoy Group, as an Office Assistant. Her tenure at the group lasted for another year and a half. Sabahat’s blistering streak of acting and an unending passion for performing arts lead her to join P T V Lahore and in no time, thanks to her vociferous persona, she acquired the status of a well known announcer from the year 1989-90. Like the many colors of a rainbow, Sabahat has plethora of talents. Her passion for the open skies materialized for her, into a chance to join an international Airlines in the year 1993. Sabahat had ‘wings’ with this airline for about two years.

   “I am a perfectionist” Sabaht defeines herself. And for this very reason she was able to successfully manage a demanding schedule in the showbiz and an equally challenging commitment with a Karachi based oil company simultaneously. Meanwhile Sabahat was offered to host several programs for Asia Net London, FM-100 and SPTV Assalam-o Alikum TV by a very big name in broadcasting industry Mr. Asif Ghazali.

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